Jul 05 2009

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Learning More About Change…The Hard Way Again!

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Do you ever wonder why it can be so difficult to learn some of the easier lessons? I find myself feeling like a fool and really dumb sometimes. Here I am learning all of this “stuff” behind the scenes to make this site function the way I dearly hope it will without beating my brains out. I attempt to learn more and more every day and at times feel like I’ve overloaded my little brain with technical “stuff”…that may or may not work or even apply to what I am doing here.

I feel like I’ve been sidetracked with the learning and it has really put a slam on the desire I initially created this site with. So I have to get humble and get real once again. I have experience and resources I want to share with you, to be of service to my fellow human being. Now where did that enthusiasm and desire go? It is right here within me, I was taking that diversion of learning and boy did I let it pull me off my own chosen path.

I get excited about learning…I go all out to be an “A” student in my endeavors. What the heck does it matter if I’m studying the wrong stuff? Didn’t have a clue what I was doing or where I was going…I can’t believe the amount of marketing bull that is out there, all the scams, the “gurus”, the “pro’s” that know it all and have the “secret” the “key” the “product”!

I’ve learned allot of good information for operating this site and still have so much to learn…I’ll learn it in due time. I’m not on a cram course here, although it sure looked and felt like it there for a while. I haven’t spent a dime on one of these bogus scams. Hey, that’s good! I spent allot of time looking, reading and wondering, but the more time I was researching, the more it became clear that everyone seems to have a gimmick or a “buy now…sucker later” plan.

I am truly amazed at how much garbage comes up when searching for how to work in the dashboard and properly have things show up where I want them to. I don’t have a technical background. A few years ago I didn’t even know how to create a Word document, or even find my email account.

So here I am today…and yes…I have learned much. I have figured allot of it out on my own, just by trial and error. I would love to hear from anyone that has an opinion about this. I have felt disheartened and disappointment with the blogosphere environment to say the least. If anyone has some good direction for someone like me learning the basics…I welcome your input. See the pic of this little man at the beginning of my post with my name under him? I don’t know code and haven’t figured out how to get rid of him or insert my pic in this theme…any input on this one?

I write about change, the choices we have to make the changes we want to see in our lives…this has been my reality check to understand how easily I can be diverted from my chosen path. Just like my active drinking days…oh I hate how that resembles the path we can end up on…before I even knew it. So with my sobriety intact and another piece of humble pie…I can only be grateful that I can still learn and can find my way through the muddle of life’s diversions.

Ever notice how one day can be blissful, with love, joy, inspiration and clarity…wanting to keep that sense of balance…then in another hour or day or two…poof…back in the muck and influence of the ego! I want to keep that balance…that is my challenge for my current spiritual awareness. To maintain that balance for just a bit longer each time I get there.

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