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Jun 27 2009

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From Executive to Ex-Con to a Life Extraordinary!

One of my articles. Sharing more about me with you.

Having it all, losing it all, going to prison and now having the best in life. Alcoholism is a serious addiction. Many people never recover; they die in the depths of the disease. Some of us are fortunate to find our way clear, to make the choice for sobriety in our life and the new life it offers. Coming from the depths of despair to a fulfilling and rewarding life; I’m there!

Achieving success in my early 20’s, I had it all, or so I thought. At least materially I did not want for anything. I was an executive in an airline for many years. I started on the ground floor and worked my way up the corporate ladder very quickly and very well compensated. I was a workaholic.

After many years I finally burned out and resigned my executive position. I opened my own advertising and promotions firm from there and quickly fell into the daily drinking with my business associates. It took a few years before I crossed the line with social drinking to an out of control full blown alcoholic. I fought a battle with the bottle for more than 12 years from the time I realized I really had a problem with alcohol. I could not stop drinking. Alcohol was in control of every waking and passed out moment of my life. I tried rehabilitation programs only to have short lived periods of sobriety. I spent the better part of many years in a blackout state with very little if any memories other than what was told to me by others. Continue Reading »

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