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Dec 29 2009

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The Holiday Season-up and down by Choice!

I made a choice to go through some personal transformations during the Christamas Holidays…no telling what I will choose for the new year at this point. It will be the first New Year that I have not scheduled myself to work the late shift whae all the action is happening. I am choosing to remain home with my unspiked egg-nog and my husband. This has been a period of transformation for me without a doubt. Choices for changes in my life that will manifest in the creation of life changes I am choosing for my life.

No, these aren’t quick and easy choices as any choice I make for change affects the lives of many around me and those I love dearly. I know for me that if I don’t make a choice, make the changes that will allow the continuation of transmformation for my life…I will remain stuck in the muck of what I already created. All choices serve a purpose for a time…then it time for new choices, new challenges, new adventures in life. The things that bring me closer and closer to achieving and manifesting the life I desire. All change is a choice, paradigms serve a purpose for a time and in the process of personal growth, development, aligning myself with my purpose…I find stepping  stones that serve their purpose well for a time being. Then as awwaresenss increases and developments and I step into my purpose more completely as it all revealed to me by following my true beliefs, shedding of the old that no longer serve  a purpose…I must forge ahead into my completeness and process of awakening.

This is the adventure of life…stepping out of comfort zones, folowing the derires of my heart and soul and trusting in this process that all will be just as exactly as it supposed to be in this time in my life. I learned years ago, that one cannot rest on their laurels and expect life to present the changes we each desire. We are required to take action, to move as we are so directed and inclined…and leave the results up to the Universe…it never fails so long as we willing to trust, believe, and know this is how it works.

We must step out of the old comfort zones into places of challenge and many times into the unknow only to reach where we know we need to be. I’ll let you know how these choices and changes materialize in my life. I can see clearly the journey and the result I intent to achieve. As I take each step forward into unchartered terreritiories for myself…all will be revealed and I will end up just where I need to be for me, my family and all of those I hold dear in my heart…This is the adventure…this is why we have a choice.

I am not one that accepts the muck I tend to create from time to time. What I know is that when I step out and move on…I leave no burned bridges, I leave no regrets or guilt. I clear my wreckage with full responsibily and clear consciousness. I invite the challenges of my choice…I thrive with moving my life into the life I desire and create today…how empowering! This is exactly how the shift and the creation of  new pardigms for our belief systems work with the Universe and the creation of new life.

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Jun 27 2009

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From Executive to Ex-Con to a Life Extraordinary!

One of my articles. Sharing more about me with you.

Having it all, losing it all, going to prison and now having the best in life. Alcoholism is a serious addiction. Many people never recover; they die in the depths of the disease. Some of us are fortunate to find our way clear, to make the choice for sobriety in our life and the new life it offers. Coming from the depths of despair to a fulfilling and rewarding life; I’m there!

Achieving success in my early 20’s, I had it all, or so I thought. At least materially I did not want for anything. I was an executive in an airline for many years. I started on the ground floor and worked my way up the corporate ladder very quickly and very well compensated. I was a workaholic.

After many years I finally burned out and resigned my executive position. I opened my own advertising and promotions firm from there and quickly fell into the daily drinking with my business associates. It took a few years before I crossed the line with social drinking to an out of control full blown alcoholic. I fought a battle with the bottle for more than 12 years from the time I realized I really had a problem with alcohol. I could not stop drinking. Alcohol was in control of every waking and passed out moment of my life. I tried rehabilitation programs only to have short lived periods of sobriety. I spent the better part of many years in a blackout state with very little if any memories other than what was told to me by others. Continue Reading »

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Jun 15 2009

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New Story about Living Life and the Courage to Change…

I’m finally ready to bring this site to life! I’ve just asked a friend to share his powerful story of experience, strength and hope with us. Frank is one of those special people I have had the pleasure to meet through recovery on the internet. I was initially drawn to his blog because of the similarities in our stories.

Living life today on our own terms, we are both recovering alcoholic/addicts and served time in prison, lived a hard life and found our way to a new and wonderful life in sobriety. We both got out of the system and finished Parole. If you’ve ever been in the system, you know how “they”; the system, owns your life and how difficult it is to break free from those final chains that keep you bound to the system.  If I say too much more I will take away from the real power of Frank’s story.

Frank is a true inspiration and his life makes it clear that we can change. We can make different choices for our life. We are the change we wish to see in our lives.

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May 19 2009

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If you are in recovery, you know that with sobriety comes a new life and constant changes. It took a major change to get to sobriety. That change was a clear choice. If we can make that big a change in our life, we can make any change by our own choice. How we feel and think about our choices are the terms we choose to live our life by.

It is the same for everybody, recovery or not. We have good and great days, difficult and hard days. We have many challenges to face and live through. We can get through anything if we just hold that belief with faith, have clear intentions and thinking, do our part in the footwork everyday and leave the results to something much greater than we are. 

If you are part of a 12-step program, we are fortunate to have access to many tools to help us learn to live our lives on life’s terms, make the right choices and changes we need in our live’s. One thing we learn is that the experience, strength and hope of others is something we need for guidance and inspiration. We also learn that we must share our own experience, strength and hope with others as part of our ongoing recovery.

I would like to share experiences from people in all walks of life. This is with the hope that you will find information, answers and some great resources to help you with making changes and choices in your life. I’d like to help you create the path that you desire, after all it is our journey in life that really counts! I look forward to sharing “Living Life on Life’s Terms” with you.  


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May 19 2009

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My Beliefs and Experiences

I believe we create our lives by the choices we make every day. Each of our lives is a culmination of all the choices we have made thus far. So if we aren’t happy with our life today or just want more out of our lives, we can surely change that by making different choices.  

I personally have had many opportunities to learn new life skills on this journey in my life. My personal experience has brought me to living a sober life today, it was a rough journey to get from there to here. You need not be in recovery as I am to benefit from the experience of other’s. I am fortunate to have great teacher’s and mentor’s on my journey.

We have all faced a variety of challenges in life. I believe each challenge presents itself as a lesson for us to learn and grow from. Change is constant, it never stops, something is always changing. We have a choice in everything in our lives. This is life’s terms. How we live those terms is up to us.

My personal experience reveals that change is one of the most difficult areas for the personal growth needed to become the woman I desire to become. It is my experience that change is also the most rewarding time in life. Without change, we are stagnant, we are not experiencing any growth.

Life at its fullest is what my brother Jim termed as the “Four ‘L’s”: living, loving, learning and laughing. We sell ourselves short when we resist the necessary changes or don’t create the changes we want to see. This is not living life. This is a compromise that we need not accept for our lives. We each deserve a fulfilling life, we have the power within us to create the life we want.

We can learn to change our views and beliefs about change and change our choices for the changes we want to see in our life today. What a facinating place to be. Changes, choices, thoughts, beliefs; all things we are actually in control of, or at least how we experience them. To create the life we desire to set the terms by which we live our lives. Living our life on life’s terms is choosing the life we want and the terms we want to experience life by. That sounds a bit complicated when I put it like that. Actually it’s all simply a matter of choice.

It takes an honest and pure desire to create the changes we want in our lives. When we realize that we can change how we experience the unexpected changes and know that we can create the changes we desire for our lives…our live’s are forever changed. Change is the only constant in our lives…think about it.

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