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Jul 27 2010

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I would love some direction…not desperation!

Thank you all for reading and responding. My situation does require immediate action on my part to locate a new home for my two son’s and myself. I am dependable, reliable and very worthy. I just need some short term assistance and direction.

I don’t have time for all of the online schemes and scams. I am seriously looking for financial assistance to relocate my family. I don’t have family resources available, my parents are years deceased. My Father in Viet Nam and my Mother from Pancreatic Cancer, I am from a family if nine children, we all work very hard to have a good and loving life. I am a product of love and that is my gift to this world. I am an “Inspiration”, that is my purpose.  All I have is faith in mankind, and to be a true expression of  love!

If you can help direct me to any resources that can help immediately;  I am forever grateful to you! I don’t have the time to process and wait for grants and that sort of thing  or to invest in some “guaranteed” or  “money making” scheme! We need help immediately. I never want to take take my children to a homeless shelter to make it another day. I have done this before.

I have been a very successful airline executive, owned my own advertising and promotions in Hawaii for 12 years. I know how to love and to live life. I have great plans for my new Life Coaching business and will be certified in  just a few months. My needs and my  plea is for immediate assitance and to find a source that believes in the strength, courage and power of a woman that must make a change in her life now, today. Yes, this is scary, intimidating and at times downright overwhelming.

The point is that I know that I can do this…my life and my son’s live’s depends upon my ability to make great things happen now at this time in their lives. I’ve been Pro-Per for 6 years in Family Law up against three different Attorneys and I can stand up today and can say that I have been victorious in 40+ Court appearance and trials. My son’s are winning and I now must make even harder decisions and move on in their best interest. I have found that my beliefs from pure intentions and love never fail…Never!

I will gladly share my plans and dreams if you care and are interested in working with me. Please feel me in your heart, take the chance to contact me, I will honestly give you the bottom line. I just ask for love and support and I promise it will return to you ten-fold plus. Is it worth a simple call or email to You? Might this be that special situation your heart has been called to in your life of service to another? We trust and believe in that.

This is how we all come together to be the change we want to see in the world. I am that change, I am doing it! Yes I need support at this time. Won’t you please search your heart for what you are here to do and know that “I” and my family are part of your contribution in this precious lifetime. Thank you…this is how we change the world. You help me and enable me to help thousands…just wait to hear my dreams and plans…I am but a ripple in the pond! I am the “Ecko” ( spelled that way on purpose!)…do you hear me? I hear you and I SEE YOU! I love you!

To show my purest and truest desire…I put my personal email and phone number right here before all of you. I trust in God, the Universe and the power of the Love in the Divine to work on our behalf to keep us safe, secure and most of all loved!

With a heart filled with gratitude,


Contact me at (530) 872-8496 or email me at live-life-today@live.com

With a little help from people that care, you will see the difference I can make in this world. We are given challenges to learn and overcome, at some point we learn that it is not an “I” but a “WE’ that makes us all “ONE!”

I  SEE YOU,  I Love you, I thank you, please forgive me, I am sorry!

in light and love,  Kathi

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Jul 25 2010

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I really need some support and help!…Please!

They say “When life hands you lemon’s, you make lemonade…right? Well my life just turned upside down and went south or side-ways or whatever one may call it. I am in need of support and some help and I’m not sure of the correct way to approach this or handle this. Please read and reply…please!

I will not call myself a “victim”! I will say that domestic violence has reached it’s end in my life! My fiancee of 7 years is now in the county jail for a few months. I must relocate my 2 son’s and myself within the next 2 weeks. I am currently medically disabled with post-chemo medical conditions and not released yet to even work part-time. I am determined to regain my health and my life. I have no family or resources available. I will get through this stronger and more powerful than ever and I am determined to provide a stable and loving environment for my 14 and 12 yr. old sons. I believe in miracles. I believe in ME! I believe in the power of LOVE and the Oneness of all. I currently can’t even put up a deposit for rent, electricity, phone, trash etc. If you would like to contact me directly, please do so right away! I will post my PayPal account and I ask if you can spare even $1.00 to $20.00 or even pocket change; we will be forever grateful to you! I will keep you posted of our progress and changes that are definitely happening as I write this and ask for donations. I have no idea if this is proper or correct…all I know is that I am asking for your help, right now and today!

With love and gratitude…my boy’s and I send you hugs just for reading this today. We trust  and have faith! Your time and even a dollar will be a part of the miracles we are all creating. You will see photo’s and videos from me as we make this awesome transformation! Thank you! I love you!


I’m trying to figure out the Pay pal Plug in at the moment. If you would please go to PayPal my account is under Kathi Davis…oh thank you and may you have a love filled day!

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May 19 2009

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If you are in recovery, you know that with sobriety comes a new life and constant changes. It took a major change to get to sobriety. That change was a clear choice. If we can make that big a change in our life, we can make any change by our own choice. How we feel and think about our choices are the terms we choose to live our life by.

It is the same for everybody, recovery or not. We have good and great days, difficult and hard days. We have many challenges to face and live through. We can get through anything if we just hold that belief with faith, have clear intentions and thinking, do our part in the footwork everyday and leave the results to something much greater than we are. 

If you are part of a 12-step program, we are fortunate to have access to many tools to help us learn to live our lives on life’s terms, make the right choices and changes we need in our live’s. One thing we learn is that the experience, strength and hope of others is something we need for guidance and inspiration. We also learn that we must share our own experience, strength and hope with others as part of our ongoing recovery.

I would like to share experiences from people in all walks of life. This is with the hope that you will find information, answers and some great resources to help you with making changes and choices in your life. I’d like to help you create the path that you desire, after all it is our journey in life that really counts! I look forward to sharing “Living Life on Life’s Terms” with you.  


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