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Jan 06 2010

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You’re Invited to Join Me on ECKO Coaching Radio!

For those of you that know me and those of you just getting to know me…I invite you to listen in Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 1 PM PST to ECKO Coaching Radio with our Host; Nanice Ellis on Blog Talk Radio. Our topic will be “The Courage to Be the Real YOU!” I will be on the the show with Nanice and Kelly, truly incredible women. Our shows are archived immediately…so if you miss the initial live show, you are welcome to come listen at your convenience to our archived shows. You may call in for free Life Coaching during our show. There is so much insight, intuition and truth shared in this broadcast…it is life transforming, awe inspiring and thought provoking! Come join us and share in this incredible and remarkable experience. Every Wednesday at 1 pm PST – NaniceEllis on Blog Talk Radio please call in at   (917) 889-7988     Talk to you there! Thank You!

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Dec 24 2009

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When an old friend ask for help…

What would you do or what would you say?

This is the comment from a beautiful French Lady named “Dany”, short for Marie Danielle…with a very wonderful broken English/French accent that I grew to love! This is my old neighbor from the the San Jose area of California over 18 years ago!

Its me DANY from France. My life is a disaster . I do not have the strength to continue my life .
I will explain to you later
Love Dany

Now isn’t that amazing! I have not heard from this incredible woman in all of these years. Her husband Don who is now an “ex-husband” was one of those sport’s fanatics that seemed only to be there for Dany so many years ago to help raise their son…I knew  their son as “Buck”.  My then only son Sterling just over 2 yrs old close to 3 yrs old was not able to pronounce the “ck” sound and could call for Dany’s son only as “Butt”! It is humorous today. My son learned to ride his first training wheel 2-wheeled bicycle on “Butt’s” first bike…I remember the day Don brought it over for Sterling…yes…memories are precious. My memories are also clouded with my fog of alcoholism that the reality of what I do recall is so preciously becomming evident at this time.

I can still hear Dany tell me in her wonderful accent…”K`at`i” you drink too much, you must stop what you are doing…you are a fool “K`at`i! You will kill yourse;f…you must stop! No,  sorry my friends, I did not listen to this French lady with common sense and awareness of how I was detroying my life with alcohol…it took me many, many more years, before I heard Dan’ys words and understood.

So now I hear my friend, with so much wisdom and insight many years ago…telling me that she doesn’t have the strength to continue…her life is a disaster…she will explain to me later…when is later Dany?

I want to reach my friend, unsuccessfuly thus far.  I want to invite her to share of herself with me here on my website…to allow you to folow this journey of a woman in despair as a friend of mine. I will even ask Don, her ex-husband, he adores Dany, and will always love this special woman, his wife, the mother of their now grown child.

This is not presented for entertainment value…only for the value of how we change and grow in our lives. The shifts sometimes comes abruptly …however we know that when we slow down enough…just enough to take a deep breath…we can see that we in fact created the life we live today by our beliefs and choices…and knowing that fact…it is therefore the truth that we can in fact creat a new life based on new beliefs and new choices in any given moment…Dany, can you hear me…can you take this step with me? You are now ready to begin the life you truly desired and dreamed of all your life! If you will take my hand and walk with me…I will take you where you can choose the life you desire. If I can’t  accomplish this with you…I have an incredible life coach that has been guiding me…I’ll gladly introduce you to her…

You were always a strong and courageous woman, nothing ever stopped you before…please continue to connect…life is awaiting you my beautiful friend…the time is now..let us now begin a wondrful journey…the journey of your life, a truly life changing adventure that awaits you! Remember that I love you Dany.

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