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Sep 05 2009

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A Gentle Breeze

I have come to experience the nuances in life with a new awareness and sensitivity. The following is actually part of an email I sent to a dear friend. She encouraged me to post it. I have not posted recently due to changes and shifts in my life that I’m joyfully experiencing as the creator. I am just about ready to bring this site to life with powerful inspiration and intuitive guidance. I’m so grateful to my mentor and friend for her love and guidance.

The other morning I was having a wakeful night, so around 6:30 am I went out to the couch and lay down with the windows open. It had been a warm night, and I love to have the house open for the fresh air and gentle breezes. I have always loved the wind, i.e. the wind in my hair when I get on a swing. It is energizing. This was my experience as I put my legs up over the back of the couch and watched the sun rising, just light beams working their way through the branches of the oaks and pines:

The gentle wind is blowing, the energy is that of LOVE, it resonates within my being. This breeze touches my heart, my mind, my soul and my spirit. This gentle breeze is noticed especially when it is absent. That is when I quietly await it’s return and I know when it is there even just ever so slightly. I am still and quiet, aware and listening, for I know I can hear it before it arrives, then the softness is there. As it moves over me I am at peace. The wind chimes begins to sound with their distinctive quality and tranquil tones. I am experiencing serenity. I am fully aware of the power of the wind, it carries that which I know as the energy of Love.

I hope you enjoyed!

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May 19 2009

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If you are in recovery, you know that with sobriety comes a new life and constant changes. It took a major change to get to sobriety. That change was a clear choice. If we can make that big a change in our life, we can make any change by our own choice. How we feel and think about our choices are the terms we choose to live our life by.

It is the same for everybody, recovery or not. We have good and great days, difficult and hard days. We have many challenges to face and live through. We can get through anything if we just hold that belief with faith, have clear intentions and thinking, do our part in the footwork everyday and leave the results to something much greater than we are. 

If you are part of a 12-step program, we are fortunate to have access to many tools to help us learn to live our lives on life’s terms, make the right choices and changes we need in our live’s. One thing we learn is that the experience, strength and hope of others is something we need for guidance and inspiration. We also learn that we must share our own experience, strength and hope with others as part of our ongoing recovery.

I would like to share experiences from people in all walks of life. This is with the hope that you will find information, answers and some great resources to help you with making changes and choices in your life. I’d like to help you create the path that you desire, after all it is our journey in life that really counts! I look forward to sharing “Living Life on Life’s Terms” with you.  


3 responses so far