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Nov 29 2009

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Pro Blogger Mentor or Advisor Wanted!

I started this website as a newbie, learning from scratch the technical end of how to do this site with no experience or background. I have learned so much and still have so much more to learn…it’s been a welcomed experience. I had no idea what it takes to set up and develop a website…I just woke up one day and decided that this is where my future was. I have not fully developed this website you are viewing. I never even knew what a blog was let alone dealing with plugins, themes, widgets and I still don’t understand the codes one bit! I learn each time I attempt to post or change the theme (not again…if ever!)  or just put images in the side columns.

One day, I logged in to find all of the images in my two side columns that have been there for months – were no longer there or visible! So where did they go? I haven’t got a clue to this day. I’m just grateful I can log in to the admin panel and somewhat find my way around. I have all of these inactive plugins because I read somewhere that they were the cure-all, fix-all for everything I needed. Most of them only brought grief and more headaches just to figure out that they served no helpful purpose. I think I have the basic necessities in place now…maybe not!

So, I can already feel the laughter from the pros and blog masters that can sit back in a comfy chair and think all kinds of thoughts about a newbie like me! Instead of laughing at me…how about laugh with me and share some real experience with me. I’ve refused to spend a dime on any program that promises all this magic and instant success! I have taken a few free tutorial programs…jeez…that’s how I got this far.

So my challenge is to see if I can get this post out to reach someone with a sincere desire to assist a newbie that has gone as far you can see right here on my website…and find someone…yes that would be YOU!…to take a little bit of time to help me and teach me more of the basics, understanding of my host…hostgator, WordPress as my watchamacallit…my cpanel, SEO benefits and how to’s, some of this dashboard stuff that baffles me….still with me? I hope to monetize at some point as well and could use the benefit of an experienced blogger to save me hours and weeks of frustration. I have some ideas I would like to run by someone that knows their stuff…that would be you!

I can trade services; life coaching, recovery, compassion, understanding and friendship….Now the challenge is on…I know you are reading this and reluctantly thinking….”she is not talking to or about me!” Wrong…I am speaking directly to you right now. I know this and so do you…why do you think you read this far? I’m waiting to hear from you today! I’ll save you the time to go to my contact form, just email me at live-life-today@live.com Now we are really talking…thanks “Gus”…just kidding! You know and I know.

Oh, yes, my name is Kathi, just in case you didn’t get that far…my gratitude is with you already! I’d be willing to make an arrangement to pay for services after the fact…that is after I am generating an income from this website. I know you know all of the in’s and out’s and are very successfull with your site(s)already. You usually charge for your services, but you do have a loving and giving spirit and are willing to help me out a little bit…just because it feels like the right thing to do. This will be a personally rewarding experience for both of us! I’ll be checking my email shortly, I know your email will be there…thank you!

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