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Apr 22 2011

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Thanks for checking on Living Life On Life’s Terms

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I am grateful that you take the time to check in on my website. Not much has been going on for a long time. Things are finally getting ready to shake rattle and roll. I have been in learning process, experiencing so many new challenges in life and living. It is all good! It’s all Love! So much more to come and I am thrilled and excited to share the upcoming changes on my website. I love you all for caring and for your heartfelt sharing…back real soon!

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Feb 22 2010

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Absence Makes My Heart Grow Fonder!

Some day’s I feel a sense of guilt for my initial plans for this website. I have been side tracked with some very powerful personal growth. My site here will reflect that in a very short time. This site will thrive just as my life is. It has not necessarily been an easy growth process, but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world! So if you by chance stumble upon this lonely site today…add it to your favorites or bookmark it, RSS feed…it is coming to life in such a powerful and new way. I’ll be making allot of changes…but hey…it’s all good!…it’s all love. I’m excited to begin…just bare with me, you are in for and incredible experience! So am I!

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Jan 05 2010

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Introducing You to Nanice Ellis and ECKO Coaching Institute

Nanice Ellis is the Founder and Facilitator of ECKO Coaching Institue. The first class; a pilot program has been open to women only, I am a Student of Ecko Life Coaching. This is an experience beyond and a journey within to integrate all facets of who I/we reallly are. Here is an excerpt of just one of her reular post to her students. I invite you to get to know Nanice Ellis and ECKO Coaching Institute.

From Nanice Ellis:

It is no secret that Separation causes Suffering; but how exactly do we
cause separation?

Here is a short, yet incomplete, list of some of the best ways to create

    * Make others wrong
    * Try to make others to do the things we think they should do
    * Believe we know better
    * Not listen
    * Interrupt
    * Be distracted
    * Close our hearts – inhibit our love
    * Threaten others
    * Make others prove themselves (that they are worthy)
    * Think we should have power over others
    * Try to control others and control situations
    * Feel sorry for someone (see them as powerless)
    * Shift responsibility onto others
    * Lie, cheat or steal
    * Withhold our feelings
    * Judge someone in any way
    * Hold a grudge
    * Compete
    * Talk or think badly about someone
    * Not pay attention

Here’s how to connect and create oneness:

    * Respect Others
    * Allow people to do things the way they want to do them
    * Honor the beliefs of others even if we don’t agree
    * Really Listen
    * Allow others the space to express themselves
    * Be Present
    * Open our hearts – love without inhibitions
    * Support others
    * See others as unconditionally worthy
    * See others as equally powerful
    * Allow people to be who they are
    * Have compassion for others (yet see their power and perfection)
    * Take responsibility
    * Be in integrity
    * Express feelings
    * Accept others
    * Forgive
    * Work together
    * Talk and think positively about others
    * Pay Attention

/Be The Change You Want To See In The World – Take THE PLEDGE!

An Abundance of Peace, Prosperity and Love

    Global Facilitator of Peaceful Awakening
    Founder and Facilitator of ECKO Coaching Institute
    Theta Healer
    Master NLP Practitioner
    Life Coach
    International Author
    Radio Host of “Chai with Nanice”
    Voice for World Oneness

www.Nanice.com http://www.nanice.com/

/’Only Love is Real’/

Visit Nanice.com <http://www.nanice.com/> for Free Book Downloads, Song
Downloads and Inspirational Articles.
Listen to Nanice live on ‘Chai With Nanice’ on L.A. Talk Radio. Click
Here for show times and archived shows

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Sep 10 2009

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Be Still and Listen!

The wind chimes begins to sound with their distinctive quality and tranquil tones. I am experiencing serenity. I am fully aware of the power of the wind, it carries that which I know as the energy of Love.

The wind chimes begins to sound with their distinctive quality and tranquil tones. I am experiencing serenity. I am fully aware of the power of the wind, it carries that which I know as the energy of Love.

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Jul 11 2009

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Celebrating My Sobriety Today!

icon not text smaller article intro iconAs I come to close of July 11, 2009, I have had a blessed day and I’m full of gratitude today! I just made 6 yrs. clean and sober! That doesn’t sound like much, but for a woman like me it is something I once never thought would be possible. My life today is absolutely wonderful.

The gift of sobriety is by far the most precious gift I have accepted in my  life. Before sobriety, I had nothing, I lost everything that mattered…today with sobriety I have everything I could have dreamed and hoped for in my life and more. Living sober is not always easy, life still happens. I’ve learned so much and have so much more to learn. I’m so excited about my life and living today.

Today, I experience change, and personal growth because that is my current path and chosen direction for my life. I have a spiritual life that is so glorious. I have changed many old beliefs, accepted life, and learned that I’m responsible for everything that happens in my life today. I know that I can change my thoughts about situations and events and they surely will change. I know that all change is for the best, even if it doesn’t appear to be at that time. I heard a little quote “It’s all good!” It really is! Continue Reading »

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