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Jul 25 2010

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I really need some support and help!…Please!

They say “When life hands you lemon’s, you make lemonade…right? Well my life just turned upside down and went south or side-ways or whatever one may call it. I am in need of support and some help and I’m not sure of the correct way to approach this or handle this. Please read and reply…please!

I will not call myself a “victim”! I will say that domestic violence has reached it’s end in my life! My fiancee of 7 years is now in the county jail for a few months. I must relocate my 2 son’s and myself within the next 2 weeks. I am currently medically disabled with post-chemo medical conditions and not released yet to even work part-time. I am determined to regain my health and my life. I have no family or resources available. I will get through this stronger and more powerful than ever and I am determined to provide a stable and loving environment for my 14 and 12 yr. old sons. I believe in miracles. I believe in ME! I believe in the power of LOVE and the Oneness of all. I currently can’t even put up a deposit for rent, electricity, phone, trash etc. If you would like to contact me directly, please do so right away! I will post my PayPal account and I ask if you can spare even $1.00 to $20.00 or even pocket change; we will be forever grateful to you! I will keep you posted of our progress and changes that are definitely happening as I write this and ask for donations. I have no idea if this is proper or correct…all I know is that I am asking for your help, right now and today!

With love and gratitude…my boy’s and I send you hugs just for reading this today. We trust  and have faith! Your time and even a dollar will be a part of the miracles we are all creating. You will see photo’s and videos from me as we make this awesome transformation! Thank you! I love you!


I’m trying to figure out the Pay pal Plug in at the moment. If you would please go to PayPal my account is under Kathi Davis…oh thank you and may you have a love filled day!

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Jan 05 2010

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Introducing You to Nanice Ellis and ECKO Coaching Institute

Nanice Ellis is the Founder and Facilitator of ECKO Coaching Institue. The first class; a pilot program has been open to women only, I am a Student of Ecko Life Coaching. This is an experience beyond and a journey within to integrate all facets of who I/we reallly are. Here is an excerpt of just one of her reular post to her students. I invite you to get to know Nanice Ellis and ECKO Coaching Institute.

From Nanice Ellis:

It is no secret that Separation causes Suffering; but how exactly do we
cause separation?

Here is a short, yet incomplete, list of some of the best ways to create

    * Make others wrong
    * Try to make others to do the things we think they should do
    * Believe we know better
    * Not listen
    * Interrupt
    * Be distracted
    * Close our hearts – inhibit our love
    * Threaten others
    * Make others prove themselves (that they are worthy)
    * Think we should have power over others
    * Try to control others and control situations
    * Feel sorry for someone (see them as powerless)
    * Shift responsibility onto others
    * Lie, cheat or steal
    * Withhold our feelings
    * Judge someone in any way
    * Hold a grudge
    * Compete
    * Talk or think badly about someone
    * Not pay attention

Here’s how to connect and create oneness:

    * Respect Others
    * Allow people to do things the way they want to do them
    * Honor the beliefs of others even if we don’t agree
    * Really Listen
    * Allow others the space to express themselves
    * Be Present
    * Open our hearts – love without inhibitions
    * Support others
    * See others as unconditionally worthy
    * See others as equally powerful
    * Allow people to be who they are
    * Have compassion for others (yet see their power and perfection)
    * Take responsibility
    * Be in integrity
    * Express feelings
    * Accept others
    * Forgive
    * Work together
    * Talk and think positively about others
    * Pay Attention

/Be The Change You Want To See In The World – Take THE PLEDGE!

An Abundance of Peace, Prosperity and Love

    Global Facilitator of Peaceful Awakening
    Founder and Facilitator of ECKO Coaching Institute
    Theta Healer
    Master NLP Practitioner
    Life Coach
    International Author
    Radio Host of “Chai with Nanice”
    Voice for World Oneness

www.Nanice.com http://www.nanice.com/

/’Only Love is Real’/

Visit Nanice.com <http://www.nanice.com/> for Free Book Downloads, Song
Downloads and Inspirational Articles.
Listen to Nanice live on ‘Chai With Nanice’ on L.A. Talk Radio. Click
Here for show times and archived shows

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