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Jul 27 2010

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I would love some direction…not desperation!

Thank you all for reading and responding. My situation does require immediate action on my part to locate a new home for my two son’s and myself. I am dependable, reliable and very worthy. I just need some short term assistance and direction.

I don’t have time for all of the online schemes and scams. I am seriously looking for financial assistance to relocate my family. I don’t have family resources available, my parents are years deceased. My Father in Viet Nam and my Mother from Pancreatic Cancer, I am from a family if nine children, we all work very hard to have a good and loving life. I am a product of love and that is my gift to this world. I am an “Inspiration”, that is my purpose.  All I have is faith in mankind, and to be a true expression of  love!

If you can help direct me to any resources that can help immediately;  I am forever grateful to you! I don’t have the time to process and wait for grants and that sort of thing  or to invest in some “guaranteed” or  “money making” scheme! We need help immediately. I never want to take take my children to a homeless shelter to make it another day. I have done this before.

I have been a very successful airline executive, owned my own advertising and promotions in Hawaii for 12 years. I know how to love and to live life. I have great plans for my new Life Coaching business and will be certified in  just a few months. My needs and my  plea is for immediate assitance and to find a source that believes in the strength, courage and power of a woman that must make a change in her life now, today. Yes, this is scary, intimidating and at times downright overwhelming.

The point is that I know that I can do this…my life and my son’s live’s depends upon my ability to make great things happen now at this time in their lives. I’ve been Pro-Per for 6 years in Family Law up against three different Attorneys and I can stand up today and can say that I have been victorious in 40+ Court appearance and trials. My son’s are winning and I now must make even harder decisions and move on in their best interest. I have found that my beliefs from pure intentions and love never fail…Never!

I will gladly share my plans and dreams if you care and are interested in working with me. Please feel me in your heart, take the chance to contact me, I will honestly give you the bottom line. I just ask for love and support and I promise it will return to you ten-fold plus. Is it worth a simple call or email to You? Might this be that special situation your heart has been called to in your life of service to another? We trust and believe in that.

This is how we all come together to be the change we want to see in the world. I am that change, I am doing it! Yes I need support at this time. Won’t you please search your heart for what you are here to do and know that “I” and my family are part of your contribution in this precious lifetime. Thank you…this is how we change the world. You help me and enable me to help thousands…just wait to hear my dreams and plans…I am but a ripple in the pond! I am the “Ecko” ( spelled that way on purpose!)…do you hear me? I hear you and I SEE YOU! I love you!

To show my purest and truest desire…I put my personal email and phone number right here before all of you. I trust in God, the Universe and the power of the Love in the Divine to work on our behalf to keep us safe, secure and most of all loved!

With a heart filled with gratitude,


Contact me at (530) 872-8496 or email me at live-life-today@live.com

With a little help from people that care, you will see the difference I can make in this world. We are given challenges to learn and overcome, at some point we learn that it is not an “I” but a “WE’ that makes us all “ONE!”

I  SEE YOU,  I Love you, I thank you, please forgive me, I am sorry!

in light and love,  Kathi

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Jul 05 2009

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Learning More About Change…The Hard Way Again!

Do you ever wonder why it can be so difficult to learn some of the easier lessons? I find myself feeling like a fool and really dumb sometimes. Here I am learning all of this “stuff” behind the scenes to make this site function the way I dearly hope it will without beating my brains out. I attempt to learn more and more every day and at times feel like I’ve overloaded my little brain with technical “stuff”…that may or may not work or even apply to what I am doing here.

I feel like I’ve been sidetracked with the learning and it has really put a slam on the desire I initially created this site with. So I have to get humble and get real once again. I have experience and resources I want to share with you, to be of service to my fellow human being. Now where did that enthusiasm and desire go? It is right here within me, I was taking that diversion of learning and boy did I let it pull me off my own chosen path.

I get excited about learning…I go all out to be an “A” student in my endeavors. What the heck does it matter if I’m studying the wrong stuff? Didn’t have a clue what I was doing or where I was going…I can’t believe the amount of marketing bull that is out there, all the scams, the “gurus”, the “pro’s” that know it all and have the “secret” the “key” the “product”!

I’ve learned allot of good information for operating this site and still have so much to learn…I’ll learn it in due time. I’m not on a cram course here, although it sure looked and felt like it there for a while. I haven’t spent a dime on one of these bogus scams. Hey, that’s good! I spent allot of time looking, reading and wondering, but the more time I was researching, the more it became clear that everyone seems to have a gimmick or a “buy now…sucker later” plan. Continue Reading »

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